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Bahrie Law was founded in 1979. Justin Bahrie, my son and partner, and I, Ronald Bahrie, have more than 45 of years of legal experience. We love to help people find a path through their legal problems.
We have represented families whose loved ones died or were maimed from injures on the job or automobile accidents. As local Lansing attorneys, we have helped families deal with separation, divorce, custody or termination of rights.  After an injury or illness, we have helped people obtain the resources needed in order to return to work, or in the event they are unable to, we have helped file claims and obtain disability benefits through Social Security's SSDI and SSI programs. From probate to drunk driving and everything in between, Bahrie Law is here to help with your legal problems.
Every individual case is different and requires a case specific approach. We will sit down with you for a free consultation; we will listen to your problem, apply your facts to the law, and come up with a plan specific to each person’s individual circumstances. When you leave our office, we want you to have a plan for the future, even if there is not a legal action we are able to assist you with. Contact Bahrie Law today to schedule your free consultation.
Wherever powerful insurance, government officials or corporate interests seek to trample the rights of people, we can be found. Justice is your legal right, and we will help you to get up and stand up for your rights.

Ronald M. Bahrie

ronald m. bahrie
Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Juris Doctor – December 1978
Wayne State University
Teaching Certificate for Mathematics Education – June 1975
Michigan State University
Bachelor of Science in Labor and Industrial Relations – May 1970
Professional Licensure
Admitted to Practice, State of Michigan July 7, 1979
United States District Court – Eastern District of Michigan
United States District Court – Western District of Michigan
United States Supreme Court
Mom was formally educated to the 8th grade, but had a Phd. in common sense. As one of nine in the “great depression” she learned the value of work at G.M. for 30 years. Dad was a cutter/grinder for 40 years. These are my roots.
I dipped ice cream for five summers from age 14 until age 18. My summers during college days were spent on the line at Fisher Body, Chrysler, Burroughs, GM on the line and under the line, then as a tractor driver and jack hammer worker for the Wayne County Road Commission.
After graduation from MSU in 1970, I was a juvenile probation officer in Wayne and Oakland County for the 12 to 16 year olds that ranged from school truancy to murder. Then I attended Wayne State University for mathematics education, followed by teaching math for one year, then Cooley Law School graduating in 1978.
I met Claudia, Justin’s mom, in 1968. We have been married since 1971. She is a retired school social worker. We raised two children in Okemos on the banks of the Red Cedar River. Our daughter, Danielle, is a Human Resources specialist at Michigan State University.
I began practicing law as a sole practitioner in 1979. My practice took me all over the State of Michigan. Work Injury, Auto Injury, Medical Malpractice, Probate, Divorce, Custody, Criminal Law and Social Security Law are my areas of practice. We are suing major insurance companies for payment of no fault benefits and liability. We have also sued the Sherriff for injuries to prisoners.  Get up. Stand up.  Stand up for your rights!

Justin M. Bahrie

justin m bahrie
Michigan State University College of Law
Juris Doctor – July 2012
Michigan State University
Law in Society with a cognate in Sociology
Bachelors of Science – May 2008
 Professional Licensure
Admitted to Practice, State of Michigan
November 5, 2012
United States District Court – Eastern District of Michigan
United States District Court – Western District of Michigan
United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
Growing up with a father who is an attorney, I learned to think critically at a very young age. If I wanted something, I would have to come up with a logical argument and a plan as to how to achieve it. You could say I was being trained to be an attorney since birth.
I started working at Bahrie Law in high school. I started in the mailroom and worked my way up to more complex tasks. After high school, I attended Michigan State University for my undergraduate degree while continuing to work part time at Bahrie Law, exposing myself to the fundamentals of the law firm. I subsequently attended Michigan State University College of Law and continued working at Bahrie Law. During law school, I met with clients, prepared cases for hearings, wrote briefs, and shadowed my father to different courts in hundreds of cases. Upon graduation, I was ready to hit the ground running.
While studying for the Bar exam in spring of 2012, I met my fiancé, Kristen McCusker, at Michigan State University as she was studying for the CPA exam. We both passed our respective exams and began our professional careers in the Fall of 2012. We now live in Novi, Michigan. She works as an Accountant at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn and I work at Bahrie Law in Lansing.
In my 6 years as an attorney at Bahrie Law, I have represented hundreds of clients in social security disability hearings, workers compensation hearings, criminal defense proceedings, family law and divorce proceedings, auto accidents, estates, as well as numerous other miscellaneous cases. As a general practice law firm, Bahrie Law allows me to help people in a variety of different fields of law. I enjoy the diversity and I am happy to assist you with your legal issues.

Nicholas A. Kipa

Nicholas A. Kipa
Michigan State University College of Law
Juris Doctor – May 2014
Michigan State University
Bachelor of Science in Anthropology – May 2011
Michigan State University
Bachelor of Arts in Telecomunication, Information Studies, and Media, with a cognate in Business – May 2010
Professional Licensure
Admitted to Practice, State of Michigan November 17, 2014
Admitted to Practice, District of Columbia, November 6, 2015
Admitted to Practice, State of Maryland, December 13, 2016

United States Tax Court
United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
United States District Court for the District of Columbia
United States District Court – Eastern District of Michigan
United States District Court – Western District of Michigan
For as long as I can remember growing up, family and friends were always telling me I should be an attorney. I loved to debate as a kid, and found I had a knack for persuading others to my way of thinking—or at the very least succeeding in pointing out any flaws in people’s arguments or justifications they had not thought of before. More than my love of debate, it was my desire to make the world as just and fair as possible that led to my career in law.
For my undergraduate studies I attended Michigan State University, where I received two Bachelor degrees in Anthropology and Telecommunication. After graduation, I continued my studies at Michigan State University College of Law, where I pursued my passion for justice and equal access to the law by interning with Legal Services of Eastern Michigan in Flint and the Alvin L. Storrs Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic. I first started working for Bahrie Law after class in 2012 as a Law Clerk, performing research and legal brief writing for the firm.
While I had hoped to continue working with Bahrie Law following my graduation from law school in 2014, at the time the firm was not able to hire another associate. Therefore, I first started my career as an Associate Attorney at another law firm that specialized in Worker’s Compensation, Social Security Disability, and personal injury law, practicing throughout the State of Michigan. At the end of 2015, however, I decided to move to Washington, D.C., where I practiced law in both local and federal courts in everything from business law and corporate discovery to multi-state family law and criminal defense—not to mention representing numerous clients at Social Security Disability hearings throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
At the start of 2018 Justin reached out to me to let me know Bahrie Law was looking to hire a new associate. After my time practicing law for a law firm in downtown Washington, D.C., I was eager for an opportunity to again work with such great attorneys as the Bahries, who I knew from personal experience worked hard to provide justice to those in need. I accpeted the position and moved back to Michigan in February, 2018 to join the firm again as an Associate Attorney. I now currently reside in East Lansing, Michigan.

Some of Mr. Kipa’s recent past judgments include:
  • Acquittal – Bench trial on DUI/OWI charges; Silver Spring, MD
  • $730,055.00 Default judgment on investment/business fraud case; Washington, D.C.
  • $225,000.00 Default judgment on assault and battery case; Flint, MI
  • 3-0 ruling in favor of client on oral arguments at the Michigan Court of Appeals; Lansing, MI

Professional Associations:

  • Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ)
  • National Organizations for Social Security Representatives (NOSSCR)
  • Ingham County Bar Association
  • State Bar of Michigan

A Message From Ronald Bahrie

Passion for justice has guided my more than 35 years of practicing law.
My past employment as a tractor driver, line worker (both on and under the assembly line), social worker and teacher have given me insight and respect for the working person.
We represent individuals against corporations, insurance companies and law enforcement. Whenever the powerful in our society seek to trample the rights of others, we can be found.
– Ronald M. Bahrie