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Building a Divorce Team: What You Need to Know

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When you get a divorce, you have to do more than just divide assets and end the marriage. You need to build a team of experts to help you get through the process fairly and efficiently. A divorce is complex, and experts in various fields can help make a big difference in the outcome of the divorce.
Here are some things you need to know when you build your divorce team.

Why Is a Divorce Team Important?

A divorce team are those who will help you navigate different aspects of your case. No two divorces are alike, and the process is emotional and overwhelming. Having a solid team around you can help alleviate the anxiety and confusion you have. The experts on your team will provide you with professional advice and arm you with all the pertinent information you need to have a good outcome.

Who Is on a Divorce Team?

A divorce team is made up of many individuals, including your legal counsel. The goal of your team is to get you to the end of the process in a good position. The people on your divorce team should be personally enriching and working to help you.
Your team can consist of some or all of various experts in many different areas:
  • Legal help. Your legal counsel is an obvious member of your team. You may also want to have the support of your attorney's paralegal or another support attorney. A mediator is a good person to have on your team if you and your spouse want to settle portions of your divorce outside of the courtroom.
  • Emotional help. A marital counselor or therapist can keep your emotional well-being in check. Therapists for your children is also ideal, as this is a difficult time for kids, and they could use an outlet. In addition, you need to have some trusted friends and family members on your team for added emotional support. A religious leader of your faith can also be helpful.
  • Financial help. A financial advisor and accountant is crucial when it comes to dealing with money and assets. A business attorney is also a must if you or your spouse own a business. A real estate professional can help you navigate the process of dealing with property allocation and division. A tax professional is also useful to make sure you know what you are responsible for.
These professionals should be enough for the majority of divorces. However, in some cases, you may want to have a private investigator on your team. A private investigator is necessary if you believe your spouse is hiding things from you, including money, assets, relationships, or anything you believe has contributed to your divorce.

How Do You Build a Divorce Team?

The first person you need to choose for your divorce team is a trusted divorce attorney to help you with your divorce case. Once you sit down for your initial meeting and discuss the details of your marriage, assets, custody wishes, and the like, your attorney will start building a team of experts in each area you need to ensure you get the best representation possible.
If you have specific people in mind who you want on your divorce team, be sure to mention them to your attorney. You can also seek out those you are personally close with for support, including family, friends, members of clergy, and so on.
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