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Child support Lawyer in Lansing & surrounding areas

Whenever two individuals have children, they have become financially obligated to support those children until the age of majority, which is typically 18.  That's why, divorced parents with kids that are currently below the age of 18, typically owe some amount of child support.
Child support is classified as reoccurring scheduled payments which are made to financially support the children of the marriage. Child support is calculated based on 2 factors: (1) the income of the parents, and (2) the number of overnights. Typically, the payments are made by the parents that no longer have custodial rights over the children or the parent with less overnights; the party that is receiving payments is typically the custodial parent or exercising majority of the parenting time.  
Main Factors Courts Consider for Calculating Child Support:
  • Income Earned and Capabilities of Earned Income of Each Parent During the Marriage?
  • What is Each Parent's Capabilities to Pay for the Child Currently?
  • What are the Income and Financial Needs of The Custodial Parent?
  • What is the Current Family Environment and Structure? (How are the Parents Involved with the Kids)
  • What is the Current Age and Life Status of the Child?
  • What were the Living Standards of the Children prior to the Separation?
  • What are the Needs of the Child?
Family law courtrooms are specified and bound to being “court of equity.” This means that any Family law court is going to take into consideration all pertinent information and facts, regarding the current circumstances, and analyze the optimum fair outcome. Family Law Courts fundamentally are seeking out the best interests of the child and making their decisions with respect to that child.
There are numerous other factors that the courts will consider when calculating child support. If you are divorced, separated or currently getting divorced. Contact a lawyer immediately. Your rights need to be represented to the fullest, if not, you risk losing money, time with your children, and the future of your children. Contact Us Today! Don't risk the lives of your kids due to an unsuccessful relationship. Contact Bahrie Law Today!  We will protect and fight for you and your children's rights. Call Us at (517) 694-1300! Free Evaluation!