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Lansing Lawyer Handling Minor in Possession Cases

East Lansing, Michigan – Sec. 26-53 – “MIP” – Possession/Consumption of an Alcoholic Beverage by an Underage Individual

East Lansing city ordinance Sec. 26-53 states that no minor shall purchase or attempt to purchase, consume or attempt to consume, possess or attempt to have possession of an alcoholic liquor or have any bodily alcohol content.
The legal definition of "bodily alcohol content" is an alcohol content of greater than 0.02 grams per 100 ml of blood, 210 liters of breath, or 67 ml of urine.
Being charged with minor in possession, or MIP, does not make you a criminal or a bad individual. We have clients here on an everyday basis who are good people and have never been charged with a crime; nevertheless, they still find themselves being arrested or investigated for a criminal offense. Getting charged with a MIP under Sec. 26-53 is not the end of the earth; you have plenty of options and defenses to keep your good record clean.

State of Michigan Repercussions for Sec. 26-53 – Possession/Consumption of an Alcoholic Beverage by an Underage Individual – Sec. 26-53

  • You can be fined anywhere from $100-$500, with possible court costs of up to $700. Depending on the judge's decision, you may receive probation anywhere from four months to two years based on your case. Probation fees range from $30-$50/month. They may also require up to 100 hours of community service.
  • The judge may decide that alcohol education, Mothers Against Drunk Driving interactions, substance abuse treatment, or drug and alcohol testing is necessary. If you are required to submit to PBTs, also known as preliminary breath tests, they tend to cost anywhere from $5–$12/test on a weekly basis. Those with a previous drug-related conviction may have to submit to random urine screens ranging from $12–$70.
Second offenses can carry possible imprisonment; however, this is only if the minor was found guilty of violating an order of probation; unsuccessfully went through treatment, drug and alcohol testing and the court-ordered community service; or did not pay their fines in a reasonable amount of time. Second offenses can result in up to 30 days in jail but no more; if you are a repeat offender, imprisonment can be for up to 60 days.
If you have been charged with MIP in East Lansing, Michigan, this is only a misdemeanor. However, misdemeanors stay on your record and may limit possibilities in your education and career. As a young individual in East Lansing with a great deal of promise, you must take your future seriously. Having your overall life plan destroyed because you made the decision to drink alcohol under 21 is not acceptable. Just pleading guilty to the charge may ruin or damage your college experience. Bahrie Law is here to help protect your record and keep you on track to make the most of your life. We want to help and protect you as a citizen and student. Your legal rights need to be represented to the fullest. Let us lead the way in keeping your freedoms.
Do not plead guilty to your MIP without consulting an attorney. You have options and different paths that can be traveled to help keep your record clean. Other options consist of possible diversion programs, dismissal of your case based on improper handling or procedures, or reduction of the crime to a civil infraction. We have seen many students plead guilty to MIP, just because it was the easy way to get it over with. If you have another infraction, you may face harsh repercussions due to the MIP being on your record.
Contact us today at 517-694-1300. Bahrie Law will provide the expertise, experience and knowledge that you need in your corner. We want to preserve your legal rights and keep your record clean. Contact us today for a free evaluation.