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Lansing Attorney Defending Open Intox Cases

East Lansing, Michigan – “Open Intox” – Sec. 26-54 – Possession of an Open Container of Alcoholic Liquor in a Public Place

open intox
Sec. 26-54 states that no one individual shall be in possession of an alcoholic liquor in any form of container which is open, or has a broken seal, that is within the seating area of a vehicle, or while being on any public street, alleyway, sidewalk, dirt road, park, drive, boulevard or other public area in which a vehicle can travel or park. This violation can be in a vehicle or on foot. Consuming any open bottle or container of any alcoholic beverage in Michigan is considered a misdemeanor by state law. It is common for younger individuals to make bad decisions, which can result in an individual being charged with a violation of Sec. 26-54, open intox. Getting charged with open intox, Sec. 26-54, is not the end of the earth; you have plenty of options and defenses to keep your good record clean.
If you have been charged with a Sec. 26-54, you can be fined up to $300, as well as have to perform community service and undergo substance abuse programs and screening. Depending on your case and the judge's decision, you may have a combination of fines and services.
In East Lansing, Michigan, this is only a misdemeanor; however, misdemeanors tend to stay on your record and have a tendency to limit possibilities in your education and career. As a young individual in East Lansing with a great deal of promise, take your future seriously. Having your plan destroyed because you made the decision to drink alcohol openly in a public place is not smart.
If you are a student at Michigan State University, being charged with a Sec. 26-54 – possession of an open container of alcoholic liquor in a public place, do not let something like this slide; it will end up ruining or damaging your college experience. Do not regret this situation; fight your Sec. 26-54 open intox charge.
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