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Truck Accidents and No-Fault Insurance

The State of Michigan is a no-fault insurance state meaning that every truck on the road is required by law to be a no-fault insurance policy holder. Providing insurance coverage and benefits to anyone injured in a truck accident, whether it be the at-fault or not at-fault driver. These types of added benefits, often considered or acknowledged as Personal Injury Protection benefits, typically consist of payments for health care expenses, lost income or wages, in-home care products and services, household maintenance products and services, as well as, many other benefits that are a direct relation to the accident.
Personal injury as an outcome of any accident is difficult, however, with a commercial truck accident injuries are typically very severe and can be life-altering. Due to the severity of these injuries truck accidents victims require additional treatment, longer periods of time to recover, and for some, compensation for their severe injuries for life. These types of accidents require more and more consideration when reviewing the victim’s injuries and quality of life
It is critical to obtain a truck accident specialist that has years of experience in commercial vehicle law, this will ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve and need. Considering both medically and emotionally dealing with your injuries from the accident. Receiving the full compensation needed for your injuries and suffering is critical, leaving any amount of compensation on the table is heartbreaking, and will only cause you to pay later in life, make sure you have the right commercial vehicle accident attorney on your side, representing you and your rights. We partner with experts on the field.
Virtually every individual injured in a truck accident may receive No-Fault insurance benefits, no matter who was at fault for the accident. Even if you do not own the truck that was involved in the accident, you may to receive No-Fault Benefits.

There are two types of cases, First Party and 3rd Party

A first-party case is involving the accident victim and their insurance company, this is known as personal injury protection (PIP) benefits. In a first-party case, no-fault benefits are traditionally paid out by your individual insurance policy and company.
A third-party case is involving the accident victim and the at-fault driver. In a third-party case, the truck accident victim sues the at-fault driver for "pain and suffering", as well as, economic benefits. In a third-party case, damages are traditionally paid out from the at-fault parties insurance company.
If the truck accident in a third-party situation happened more than three years ago, the victim cannot sue or file against the at-fault driver or their insurance carrier and policy for damages. Minors are allotted more time in filing a claim or suit against the at-fault party.
If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered injuries within the last 3 years, you may be qualified for more repayment outside of Michigan No-Fault benefits. Being an injured party filing a liability claim, 3rd party lawsuit, allows you to possibly receive reimbursement from the at-fault drivers insurance policy after determining the cause of an accident and whether or not it was due to negligence. The damages that are typically associated with this type of repayment are split into non-economic damages and economic damages. The most common term used for non-economic damages is called "pain and suffering damages” the courts will assess the extent of your damages and determine the threshold, as well as, whether the at-fault driver was indeed negligent.
Criteria considered for Accident Settlements & Compensation in the State of Michigan:
  • "Pain & Suffering" – Considering when the accident occurred, also into the foreseen future.
  • Psychological Injuries - PTSD, Shock, Depression are all forms of Psychological Injuries
  • Permanent Disfigurement and Scarring​
  • Work and Activities Impairments – Reduction in Quality of Life
  • Decline of Income & Wages
  • Bystander Claims - Witnessing a family member injured in an accident
  • Wrongful Death
Bahrie Law represents clientele with all types pain and injuries due to being involved in a serious truck accident. In cases where an individual is fatally injured in Michigan, filing a wrong death claim is advised. Bahrie Law is here to provide you with the right defense, at the right time, in the right place. We are here to work with you and for your rights. Call Us! (517) 694-1300